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Wellness starts with a body that is in balance. Our proprietary IV infusion blends are loaded with essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants designed to promote Optimal Wellness, Peak Performance and Maximum Recovery, at the cellular level.

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About Us

At BOOSTED iV DRiPS, we strive to satisfy all our clients’ needs by providing them with comprehensive and high quality services, on-demand. Each individual has unique needs, which means they each require a specific combination of Micronutrient Therapy.

BOOSTED iV DRiPS is built upon solid biological principles backed by the best available research, and clinical studies.

​BOOSTED iV DRiPS delivers the micronutrients your body needs, right to your location; home, work, gym, hotel, backstage etc. We are servicing the Houston area as a Premier Concierge-style Mobile IV Therapy Spa. We offer iV DRiPS and Injectables for Optimal Wellness, Peak Performance and Maximum Recovery. 

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DRiPS We Offer

Our client list is constantly expanding, which allows us to add more offerings to help our valued customers find the well-being that they strive. Continue reading for further information about our services.

Dinner Party



Includes a blend of IV fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and medications to detoxify your body and cure your hangover symptoms.

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior



Includes a blend of IV fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants to cleanse your body and supercharge your immune system.



Radiant Skin

It hydrates your skin cells by promoting healthy collagen and elastin development to fight the signs of aging. It features a unique blend of fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants that can give you the flawless glowing skin effect you’re looking for.

Strongman Doing Power Squat



Includes a mix of IV fluids, electrolytes and vitamins to help boost your energy levels, help enhance athletic performance and improve your overall health and wellness.




Designed for athletic recovery, includes a restorative blend of electrolytes, amino acids and essential vitamins geared to refresh and reset your muscles, decrease muscle loss, burn fat more quickly and improve metabolism speed.



Weight Loss

Weight Loss intravenous vitamin therapy is naturally formulated to help transition your body to breakdown fat for energy and decrease body fat.



The Original

The Myers cocktail is the original formulation for IV nutrient therapy developed way back in the 1960’s by Dr. Myer. This formula has been fine-tuned and optimized over the years, but the basic formula includes magnesium, b-complex, calcium and vitamin C.
It offers a wide range of benefits including hangover and headache relief, cold and flu symptom relief, improvement in chronic fatigue and brain fog, immune boost as well as athletic recovery.



Custom Tailored

Tailored to meet your specific needs at that time.



Headache Relief & Anti-nausea

Includes fluids, vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin C and magnesium, each of which targets the cause of your migraines.

In addition to these helpful vitamins and nutrients, our Migraine Cocktail includes medicine to ease nausea, vomiting, inflammation and pain.

Interested in learning more about the services we offer? Get in touch today!

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How it works

Your body absorbs nutrients, which help your cells recover and your body rejuvenate. However, (in traditional pill form) these nutrients usually pass through your digestive system first, leading to a delayed reaction and only a fraction of the benefits. 

But with IV Infusion Therapy, we skip your digestive system and send those nutrients directly into your bloodstream to reach the cellular level at 100% bio-availability. This allows your cells to absorb even more nutrients at a faster rate. The results are near-immediate relief and benefits including increased energy, hydration, mental clarity, enhanced mood, improved sleep, decreased stress and anxiety, increased immunity and muscle recovery. As well, of course, as addressing nutrient deficiencies.

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The information contained herein should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. The information provided here is for informational purposes only. This tool may not cover all possible drug interactions or all warnings or alerts. Please check with a physician if you have health questions or concerns about the interactions.

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  • Patients with kidney and active liver disease should be treated with extreme caution.

  • Patients with congestive heart failure or end stage renal disease have potential for serious harm from receiving fluids.

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Our success is measured by your level of well-being. Get in touch today and find out how we can help set you on the path to optimal health.

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